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standing desk mat

A Full Guide on The Benefits of a Standing Desk Mat

Last Updated on: At first glance, a standing desk mat may seem like a regular floor mat. However, its properties ensure your body isn’t strained when standing for extended periods. That’s where anti-fatigue or standing desk mats excel. They can…

standing desk exercises

12 Standing Desk Exercises You Should Try Out

Last Updated on: One of the challenges many office workers face is squeezing some exercise. Staying seated the whole day has some health risks, like an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Lately, many workers have turned to using standing desks…

a standing desk vs sitting desk

Standing Desk vs Sitting: Which Desk Type Is Better? 

Last Updated on: Living a sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of health diseases. Today, many workers have traded their traditional desks for standing desks. It keeps them on their feet and increases their productivity in their office job. Plus, they can…